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Sahadi's: United Nations Of Food


Sahadi's: United Nations Of Food

Took a quick trip to Sahadi's in Brooklyn recently. The store's moniker sounds a little like a vacation resort in the desert.  Luckily, I didn't have to schlep that far for the greatest hummus ever.

I swore off the stuff in college after being sandwich-pocketed. As I crossed through Washington Square Park, hummus pita in tow, my lunch mysteriously vanished from my backpack on the other side. Too bad they didn't take my book The Decline of Western Civilization instead. Of course, being the paranoid New Yorker that I am, I suppose I could have possibly, maybe, perchance dropped it!!??? Nevertheless, trauma is trauma. 

Sahadi's cured my tahini terror for good with their heavenly hummus. 
Who could resist its rich nutty nuances? Maybe now I can cut down on my shrink visits. The moment I step into Sahadi’s, a wonderful aroma of fresh ground coffee wakes up my senses. The store is often crowded, bordering on chaotic but staff are courteous, filled with suggestions, and able to answer customer’s questions. A friendly neighborhood vibe is rarity for grocers these days. 

Although Middle Eastern cuisine reigns supreme here, there’s Mediterranean goodies like spanakopita, taramosalata, a vast assortment of olives, plus many cross-cultural items. It's like visiting the United Nations of food if you will. Did I mention how reasonable the prices are?

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